This is an extremely limited offer with very low stock available.


Bundle includes;

1 x Signed Copy of Chantell's latest Album 'Forever Changed' on CD

1 x signed copy of 'Leather Holster' on CD

1 x Digital download of 'Forever Changed'

1 x Cotton T-Shirt

2 x fridge Magnets

1 x Chantell Alexi pick key tag


T Shirt Options available; 1 Large Leather Holster T-Shirt in Black, 1 Large Leather Holster T-Shirt in White, 1 Medium Leather Holster T-Shirt in White, 1 Medium Leather Holster T-Shirt in Black, 1 Medium Forever Changed T-Shirt in White. Please include your preference of design/colour depending on availability. 


Also leave a message to let us know the name of the person you'd like the CD's personally signed to. by Chantell Alexi.


Side Note: Knowing that the limited sizes available may be disappointing, please feel free to message Chantell via the Contacts page if you are partically interested in purchasing a T-shirt and your size is unavailable at this time. Thank you :). 

Forever Changed/Leather Holster Christmas Bundle