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My name is Chantell Alexi and I have aspired to be a singer ever since I was 4 years of age. Influenced by Artists of the 60's and 70's such as Heart, Led-Zeppelin, Suzi Quatro and Free/Bad Company I started singing professionally in 2002. I started off training with various vocal coaches in the styles of Contemporary, Classical and Blues while singing with a few Rock bands on the side.

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My name is Chantell Alexi, I was born on June 23rd 1983 in Camperdown NSW. As a child I developed a passion for art and poetry, whilst aspiring to be a singer one day. Very much drawn to Artists of the 60's and 70's such as Heart, Led-Zeppelin, Suzi Quatro and Free/Bad Company, I dreamed of growing up to form a Rock band.

In 2002 at the age of 19, I joined my first band Nurotika and started transforming my poetry into Song writing, co-writing my first ever original song Foe. Soon after I started attending Vocal lessons and have spent the last 10 years working on my vocal training and developing my songwriting abilities, whilst performing with various bands.

In 2005/2006 I formed two bands, the first was a Heavy Rock band and the second a Blues/Funk band. This allowed me to practise my songwriting and play around with different styles of writing, however both bands split up due to creative differences.

Early 2008 saw the beginning of a new era for me when I auditioned for Western Sydney Rock band ˜Zenith. I took on the role of lead vocalist/co-writer, soon after Zenith became Altered Perception. Throughout the next year Altered Perception collaborated on songs and performed regularly around Sydney. In March of 2009, We recorded our first and only EP which was self-titled and had six original songs on it. Sadly, Altered Perception disbanded in August of 2009 and I moved on to the next project.

After leaving Altered Perception I co-wrote and recorded a track with Turkish Trance artist ˜Seresir, the song ˜From my Tears can be found on youtube, itunes and on the music page of this site.

In early 2010, I formed Alexi with then guitarist Kenan Basara. After writing and recording 7 tracks with Bassist Adam Lawes and Drummer Vadim Gerasimov, the band underwent a huge transformation as both Vadim and Kenan chose to leave the band in 2011. In late 2011, Adam and I kept the band going, introducing two new members, Guitarist Michael Turner and Drummer Craig Whitaker. With the new lineup we recorded a 5 track EP, the details of which can be found on the Alexi website To this day I am still performing with Alexi, we are currently promoting our original music and enjoying performing together as much as we can.

While still working with Alexi I started composing songs with guitarist Ray Falzon at the end of 2010, forming Blues duo Chantra soon after. Chantra went strong for the next year collaborating on countless songs and performing at various venues. We recorded our first EP ˜Untouched in late 2011, whilst working on our debut Album ˜Raising Hell. With the Raising Hell Album still in production in early 2012, we released our first music video for the song ˜Army Man, off the Untouched EP. In May of 2012 due to creative differences and my own personal well-being I decided to leave Chantra and will no longer be working with Ray Falzon. I'd still like to pay homage to all the wonderful songs I co-created during my time with Chantra and therefore have made the decision to still release the Raising Hell Album on itunes.

In early 2011 I joined Covers band ˜Word Of Ralf and have been performing occasional gigs with them,sadly 'Word Of Ralf' disbanded in early 2012.

During the last year I have been collaborating with different artists including guitarist Jason Aquilina of Sydney Country Band ‘WildSeed’, Singer/Songwriter Linda Mizzi of ‘Hobo Grace’, Solo Artist Shannon Guihot and Guitarist Eliot Reynolds of ‘Sideshow Annie’ and have just finished recording my first Solo Album ‘Road To Redemption’. Influenced by artists such as Miranda Lambert, Alannah Myles, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Heart and Traditional Blues Artists, ‘Road to Redemption’ is the perfect blend of Country, Southern Rock and Haunting Blues which truly represent who I am as an artist and writer.

Whilst working on the album I filmed two music videos for the singles ‘The Darkest Road’ and ‘Love Spell’ with Directors; Paul Cook and Kristina Friend. Both videos reflect the emotions and stories behind the lyrics of each song and were beautifully pieced together as promotional tools for the albums anticipated release. The videos can be viewed on Youtube or via my website

For any further information on my music please check out the music page on this site.
I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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My band & I are preparing for upcoming gigs in 2014 to further promote my debut album “Road to Redemption” (available on CD & iTunes) so keep your eye out for dates.

I’m currently working on a new promotional project in association with “Brush Tattoos” of “Wicked Ink” Penrith & Goulburn, new merchandise will be available online soon.

I am also working on my second solo album along with my band, which is scheduled for release mid to late 2014. Keep an eye out for my new live videos which will be uploaded to YouTube shortly.

There are many people who I’d like to thank for making the album and the videos possible, so special thanks to; Jason Aquilina, Linda Mizzi, Shannon Guihot, Eliot Reynolds and Songcave Studios, Geoff Zenner, Johnny Hayes, Cletis Carr and all the beautiful talented people from The Listening Room, My Family, Allan Dean, Phill Gardner, Brianna Holm, Adam Lawes, Troy Dwyer, Kylee Vogel, John Hill, Lindsay Tebbutt, Edward “Ebbo” Brown, Cathryn Purcell, Stewart Hall, Alexander Rouco, Clinton “Tiny” Trent, Justin Hardy, Geoff Dilworth, Paul Cook, Mick Bartalis, Toni Bartalis, Kristina Friend, Maddeline Friend, Tom Howell, Victoria Rika Heke, Emma Neilson and all my Amazing and Supportive Friends.

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